At the moment of surrender to Jesus Christ, we become a new creation and gain a new identity. Sharpen Your Sword examines what it means to walk confidently in this new creation identity. It explores four key factors that are vital on the journey to step into all that God has called you to be and to live the dreams he has planted in your heart.


With this devotional study, your walk with Jesus will be deepened through reflection questions, journaling, prayer, and transformational tips for practical applications in your life. The exploration through these pages will lead you down the path to the spacious life that Jesus died for you to have.

Thirty percent of the profits from the sale of Sharpen Your Sword will be shared with the A21 Campaign, Compassion Canada, and Home of Hope.  More information about these amazing charitable organizations can be found on their websites:, and

Sharpen Your Sword
Seven-Week Devotional Study