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Joanne Delanoy
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I know what it is like to wander in the desert for more than forty years. Once a skeptic—and even a persecutor—of Christianity and the church, my heart has been transformed by the love of Jesus. By His amazing grace, I can say with confidence that I was blind but now I see!  However; my journey to know Jesus did not start in my heart.  As an analytical thinker in a career of Information Technology—which meant problem solving was my main role—I needed to have enough knowledge and facts to satisfy my mind before faith could flow from my heart.


When I did finally confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9), my life changed radically.  I fell in love with God’s Word and developed an insatiable appetite for learning and studying the Bible.  Gradually that love for knowing more about Jesus became a love of knowing Jesus Himself. 


As I developed a personal relationship with Jesus and started to understand His love for me, rather than focusing only on my love for Him, He started to show me what it meant to have my identity ‘in Christ’ and how vital it is in order to fulfill the plan and the purpose that He has for me. I came to realize that the impact we, as Christians, can have on eternity, through our impact on the lives of others, is severely limited by not living in the new identity that Jesus died for us to have.


My heart for Sharpen Your Sword is for people to know how much Jesus loves them, to help them step into all that God has called them to be, and, as a result, for them to help others do the same. 


After Jesus, the other love of my life is my beautiful daughter, Danielle; whose bold decision to move to Australia right after high school to study at Hillsong International Leadership College inspired me to go to Bible college as well. In a leap of faith, I left my career of twenty-eight years, completed one year in Bible college, and embarked on a brand-new adventure, trusting God to lead me every step of the way. Danielle and I both strongly believe in the power of being planted in the local church, and it gives us great joy to serve alongside our church family at City Life Church in Leduc, Alberta.

Sharpen Your Sword

A Seven-Week Devotional Study
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Truly a book to deepen your faith. Each section works through a topic such as love, trust, and humility that helps to develop your relationship with God. The author teaches you how to use journaling and prayer circles. She asks insightful questions. This book is for everyone who wants to go to the next level with your relationship with God.